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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lady Milka

Whaddya mean the snow makes my butt look big? It's a beautiful lady bunn butt!

- Thank you Chris!


  1. "If you say so. Who am I to argue?" (By the way - it is posts like this one that so temp the weak to practice the Suck Up To The Rabbit (SUTTR) act.)

  2. RG, that is an incredibly keen insight. Unfortunately understanding causes does not necessarily influence outcomes.* How dare anyone say such a thing to this exquisite epitome of bunn gentry. She is so beautiful...so much the lady...I don't really think she should let anyone who would say such a thing back in the house. Come to momma, baby girl...
    *For serious human issues, you have to care and commit.

  3. Precisely, AJ! Chris, bunnies do not have 'big butts'; they have exceptionally strong thumping and binkying muscles, duh! Be careful with such slurs, or lovely Lady Milka might provide you with a first hand (paw?) experience learning just how strong those muscles are!
    -Jen (Kohl's mom)

  4. Just look at all the pretty decorative bun prints all over the yard! That service alone merits considerable treats! It's OK to eat lots of them--bunny got back!

  5. Awww, I love my Lady Milka! She is a HUGE couch potato but she LOVES the snow and rain. She will go out and splash in puddles just to get you muddy. She was digging and flopping around in that snow and having such a lovely time with the other bunnies but she is the biggest of them all, even if she is the youngest.
    ~Chris (Lady Milka, Sir Cadbury, BunBun, Wally Walrus, Mo and Daisy's mom)

  6. She is one cutie pie,very well proportioned too,xx Rachel