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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mr. Bun update....

Greetings folks! Been to the vet on Tuesday and the word is I gained some weight. Eating hay, I gained some weight. Go figure. My leg is doing as well as it's going to. Got a butt baf too. I hate those and will continue to hate them. The only thing that makes them better are treats ;-)

The indignity continues though. My hoomin figured out how to give me a butt wash all by himself - in a pinch, if there's no one around to help, bl**dy b*st*rd. But my bum will stay clean at least.

Next, the new liner from http://www.cartwheelfactory.com/
We tried it couple of times and it seems to work fine. The biggest problem initially was the smell of this stuff. Very rubbery and nasty. Hoomin soaked and washed it in body was in the bathtub, then left it out in the sun for a day. Now it smells like body wash.

It's super easy to hand wash though. A little bit of dish soap will foam up on it like crazy. Rinse, hang out to dry and it's ready in a few minutes to be put down again. That's a huge advantage over the drawer liners that would take a long time to be cycled through machine wash and dry.

My next favourite thing is the VetBed from PetLife in the UK! Initially we got just 1 piece of it and now favourite spot is where ever that thing is. Soft, comfy, wick away the moisture really well.

After hoomin realised how much I like it, he ordered 9 more pieces to have a rotation going. The only complaint we have is that we could not find a US distributor of it. You can find it on Amazon here, it ships from the UK though. Guess where it shipped from in the UK - Manchester ;-) Yep.

... see the grey stuff? That's the VetBed.

So now you have it. And after all this rigmarole clean up, set up and picture taking,
I got a nice, very nice saaaalad.

One puzzling question remains. How do you re-train a bunn to use a litter box after he stopped using it? Hmmmm.....

- Mr. Bun


Little Miss Titch said...

a hay rack right next to the litter box so Mr Bun can eat at the same time going to post a link for you as one of my follower has a bun with a similar leg problem

the over option is to cut out one side for easy access and put hay in the box at one end what ever you use for litter at the other end.
good luck,xx Rachel

Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

... we've been trying exactly that, but he's "not biting", not yet anyway :-)

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

Dear Mr. Bunn, I hate to start fussing at you, but you've made such wonderful progress, I think you can handle it. You must stop using those bad words when you refer to Ijon, your brilliant, dedicated, resourceful, tender-hearted tender, you know, the one who is responsible for all the progress you are making? Could you let us know if he is feeling better, too, and thank him for this important information and, yes, we appreciate your reviews as well. I used to put a big towel in a bathroom sink, fill it with warm water, place bunny posterior on towel, continue to let warm water run over posterior, and gently rub until all detritus was removed, and the water in the sink was clear. The bunn had plenty of purchase for back feet from the towel, and his arms were over my left arm. I washed with right hand. As for retraining, I've heard of stress induced regression. I hope everything settles down, and Mr. Bunn just decides to do the "right thing." I think the ungrateful little wretch is nursing some ill will. This could be his way of, as Merle Haggard would put it "letting you know how he feels, even though it won't square the deal." Anyway, I will remember both of you in my prayers. I know that could be taken as pessimistic humour, but actually, I am serious. Big thanks for all you do.

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

Ijon, a friend wondered if part of Mr. Bun's injuries could have resulted in some loss of control.

Fleetie said...

Mr. Bun!

I am so glad you're doing well, and have got your Hoomin running around for you. He is a very good Hoomin! He doesn't want you to suffer with the butt baths, but he knows it can sometimes be necessary to protect your skin and keep you healthy.

Make sure he keeps feeding you yummeh saaaaaaalad and treats!

Ha ha, I live in Manchester in the UK, where your VetBed came from!

Keep getting better, Mr, Bun! We are all sending you good-health wishes! <3 <3 🐰 <3 <3

RG said...

A lucky bun to have such care.

A bunny using a litter box is a wonderful thing. No clue how to get it to happen. Let us know what worked - when something does!

sallyneary said...

I had a feral kitten with a broken leg who needed nightly butt baths. I thought she enjoyed the aftermath when we got her dry and I cuddled her and she purred, but she was just planning for the day when her leg healed and she could get away from me. I haven't touched her in years and she runs dramatically when I enter a room.
So you see, your situation is quite easy. Kind Mr. Bun!