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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Mr. Bun - the Oat Hay connoisseur

Mr. Bun and his Oxbow Oat Hay

We went to the vet on Friday for a follow up and all's going well. A little bit of weight loss again. Mr. Bun got a good looking over and the leg is healing - looks like for certain he'll keep it :-)

I asked if he could get a butt bath and me watching how it's done. So he got wrapped in a towel like a bunn-burrito with his bum and hind paws sticking out. It was a 2 person job - tech trying to hold him and vet doing the wash. They set him on a grate over a sink, soaked his bum with warm water out of a hose, gently soaped him up, washed and hosed off. A little bit of blow-dry followed.

He fought them all the way, trying to get away any chance he saw :-) Vet concluded he's recovering very well, wasn't even that dirty, no signs of urine scolds.

Yesterday we tried a new set up for his area. I lined it with drawer liner (cut from a roll, found it at Bed, Bath and Beyond) on top of pee pads. Sure enough he's not slipping on it at all :-) and can seriously hop around!

When I checked him this morning, we can see the pee spots and the drawer liner is dry on top, he's bum stayed pretty dry as well!

If that's not enough, this morning he charged for his oat hay! I've never seen that before, ever! He always preferred cardboard and newspaper to hay. Thus his affinity for oat hay is a strange and bitter-sweet silver lining to his new fortunes. He now makes huge, dry pellets like never before. 

- Mr. Bun


RG said...

Nice report - good progress. Keep up the good work all! I do believe maybe this will be the year of the oat-hay poop!

merle said...

eating lots of hay and making dry pellets - way to go, little Mr. Bun. Hoom takes such a good care of you.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, the magic of Oxbow hay :) Mr. Bun, it's so good to have you glaring at us again in all of your dapper cuteness.
-Jen (Kohl's mom)

Fleetie said...

Mr. Bun! You are a hero bunny! Such a fighter! The Disapproval* is strong in you!
( * of being unwell)

Your hoomin is a very devoted bunny slave, and he loves you very much. I bet you hardly have to Disapprove Of him at all!

Keep milking it, Mr. Bun! Keep those treats and carrotinis coming from your hoomin! And some saaaaaaaalad, if you feel like it. Oh, and extra head-rubs and nose-smooches! The hoomin should give you all of those things! 🐰

And when you feel up to it, you can continue Disapproving Of all the rest of us hoomins!

Little Miss Titch said...

Yippee Mr Bun is on the mend!Best News Ever!Keep at it ole boy,xx Speedy

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

That's our bunny! Yahoo!