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Thursday, December 4, 2014


Liam, Gigi the black cat from Kiki's Delivery Service and Teddy

... today I'm showing him parsley. I'm trying to raise him right, but he grins a lot, got short ears and his fur is sparse.

- Thank you Melody!


  1. It's okay, Teddy. What's important is that you are trying to do the right thing.

  2. There is simply no defense for this full-on cuteness attack! I mean, honestly, Liam, Gigi (who I recognized immediately from Kiki's Delivery Service :), and Teddy, all sitting there being utterly adorable...this trio can get away with anything! Watch out, Melody!
    -Jen (Kohl's mom)

  3. Still training them young is a good thing,xx Speedy

  4. AWwwww .... Unfortunately it will still grow up to be a rather useless hoomin. But, nice try indeed.

  5. You keep at it Teddy. That baby hoomin looks very wise indeed so maybe you can make some progress even if his parents are hopeless.