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Monday, December 8, 2014


I thought I asked you not to mess about with that thing in my face?!? Do I have to thump EVERY TIME I'm explaining something?

- Thank you Tracy


Little Miss Titch said...

Humans can be a bit slow and dense at times Binx,I do apologise ,xx Rachel

RG said...

Hey Binx. For what it is worth, The Princess has a fleecy blankie just about like yours there. She has pretty much torn it to shreds - gives it a good bite to show disapproval - usually when the slave is late with lunch!

sallyneary said...

Perhaps the snow-white buns are extra-irked by flash photography. Thump away, Binx--the point must be made!

Fleetie said...

What an attractive white bunny you are, Binx!

I'm afraid we hoomins are pretty stoopid, so you probably will need to keep *THUMP!*ing to get through to our stoopid hoomin branes! we're not intelligent like you bunnies!