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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I'll give you something to giggle about and you know it!

- Thank you Heather!

PS: Visit Stuart at Rabbits are Friends, Not Food


Fleetie said...

Why is he pink?!

Please tell me someone hasn't dyed him, and that's it's just the light or the photograph.*

Assuming there is nothing wrong in the above photo, I am not sure Stuart Approves Of being posed like this!

I fear we may still be in for a Disapproval!

* I'm already in a Disapproving** mood cos on the BBC News website now, there's a photo of a butcher shop's window with loads of dead rabbits hanging up.

** Understatement of the century

Anonymous said...

Stuart is not Pink, that is just the light. There was plenty of greens, pets, and a craisin offered as compensation for his modeling efforts.

Little Miss Titch said...

oh my guerdh you saw that?thats awful Fleetie.
as for Stuart,he's albino to so the skin look pinker through the whit fur Speedy would look like that to if he didn't have his brown points.
but he is a very handsom bun!

Fleetie said...

That's great! Sorry I was in a really bad mood and I should have known better really, that people here wouldn't dye a bun. Of course not. But a short time ago I read for the first ever time that some idiots who "give" rabbits as Easter gifts ALSO DYE THEM DIFFERENT COLOURS. I mean, WHAT? I dye my hair all the time, and so I know very well how harsh the chemicals are and it can really sting if there's any abrasion to the scalp or back of the neck. There's no way that a bunneh would not hurt a lot if that were done to them.

Back to adorable Stuart bunneh! He really looks a sweetie! I am just gonna admire him from here; I fear he may be about to Disapprove!

RG said...

I was NOT gig..er gi.. excuse me ... gig .. hee hee .. oops .... OUCH!

Anonymous said...

@ Fleetie - It's sad that people are dying bunnies. I have become 'that-person' at work with poster all over about not adopting bunnies for Easter.
Stu is actually really white, but the lighting and colors make him look a little pink. Matches his eyes, lol!
He never squints his eyes, I totally got him mid-blink! hahahahaha

sallyneary said...

Oh, I thought Fleetie had a Night Out so his vision was sort of...reddened.

sallyneary said...

It is my birthday and this lovely photo seemed like a birthday gift just for me. I was sure that Stuart offered to get in the basket!

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

Happy Birthday, Sally. Bunnies know things, and I'd bet a bundle that Stewart did do this just for you.

Karenstoryteller said...

I dunno, he might just be squinting disapproval at all the bright colors. =:^)

Though, it is clear to all that his manliness shines forth in the midst of so-called "girly" colors.

Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

Happy Birthday, Sally! Guess Stuart likes you ;-), never mind his 'I'm trying to look conniving' eye.

Little Miss Titch said...

That's ok Fleetie,you saw some awful stuff that would put anybody in a bad mood...want a SPeedy snuggle? I'm sure he would give you one being his uncle and all,xx Rachel