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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Princes the Warrior Bun

If the Princess isn’t happy no one is safe.
Game?!? What game? They only game you've got going on is double shift working on my bun-do. Two stories, remember? I'll time you, let's see how much you'll get done!

- Thank you  Dorothy


Little Miss Titch said...

Yes your Highness I'll get right on it,xx Rachel

Fleetie said...

Yes, we had better get scuttling! Yes, two storeys, PLUS another one "below stairs", where the hoomin servants will live and work.

We hoomins had better get ready to work preparing food, polishing bowls and plates, and growing veggies in her garden! This bun is hungry!

And if we make any mistakes, like dropping a bowl, or failing to serve food correctly, we will be Disapproved Of!

Now it's food time again and somebun is hungry! So make it snappeh!

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

Dorothy, She is so beautiful. I wish you could have named her Toto or Totette, but I do understand how that would just have been impossible. Love your bunny, AJ

sallyneary said...

Does this bun truly have red eyes or is that a trick of the camera? (Or anger?)