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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Squirrel and Solstice

Look at that Squirrel, our hoomin is trying to go outside. Did you hear about the bears near Pulaski's candy store?

- Thank you Karen!


Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

Notice the word "trying." These two obviously protect their woe begotten lemming-like humans. Fleetie, I hope your day in has passed pleasantly and that a nice washing machine has joined the household. I am sorry about the hit to your toy fund, but, well, it is not like it was a bunny toy fund. Cheer up. You are closer to France...c'est la vie...or something.

Little Miss Titch said...

These two Buns take their protection detail seriously after all they don't want train new slaves.
On a happy note Speedy is looking for an Uncle with some intelligence,Do you think Fleetie would up to the job Jane?xx Rachel

Fleetie said...

These 2 buns watch while their hoomin goes out to face the hungry bears! "Good luck with that, hoomin!"!

I'm just wondering what that doctor from ST:TNG is doing in this scene.

Anyway. Auntie Jane, thank-you for asking! I can't be bothered typing it all out again, so here's a paste from my FB about it, but I've censored some of the more colourful language.

So today has been new-washing-machine-arrival day. I didn't really get a lie-in, despite having had to take the whole day off work, cos they initially said it could arrive any time from 7AM till late afternoon. To be fair, they did update me by text last night, saying it'd be between 7AM and 10:45.

So I paid an extra 20 smackers to have them remove the old one and install the new one.

The older ones among you will already be able to guess how that *really* worked out.

2 blokes arrived with the machine. I said "So you know you're taking the old one away, don't you?".

"Yeah. So have you uninstalled the old one?"

"What?! No!"

"Well we can't do it. We're not insured. So we can't do it cos we're not allowed."

So then I started turning the air blue with curses, expletives and damnations at how the website I'd ordered it from had not told me this. happy to take my £20, but not a word about needing to uninstall the old one myself. I nearly lost my temper. Luckily not quite.

So picture this: 2 burly not-quite-plumbers arrive and stand there while *I* get down on my knees on the floor and reach under the sink in the cupboard to turn off the 2 water taps and disconnect the pipes and mains cable, while the Chuckle Brothers just stand there like something out of the "Money For Nothing" video.

Once I'd done that for them, offered to change their nappies and proffered each a cup of warm milk, they installed the new one. I signed to acknowledge receipt of it. Like a *THUMP!*ing cretin.

They left, conspicuously brushing off my questions about, you know, could we start it off now just to check it works?, with "Sorry mate ; we've done our bit here now."

So off trot (CENSORED) and (CENSORED), leaving me to load it with a lot of the dirty stuff that had accumulated since last the old one had worked, several days ago now, and try and coax the metal beast into life.

Put stuff in it. Started it. Nothing. No water inside and no drum rotation. So out I pulled the whole machine again from its narrow space, centimetre by centimetre, decorating the air with a variety of colourful exclamations concerning the recently-departed nincompoops, as I gleefully anticipated the "joy" of having to debug their lame-ass non-install job.

They had failed to turn back on the little cold water tap on the house cold water piping, where the T-junction is that feeds the washing machine. And I bet they did it deliberately cos I'd complained so much that they made me uninstall the old one.

Still, it's sorted now, I think ! I've done a wash with it, and it seems ok.

On the plus side, it made me get up earlier than I would have done if they hadn't been due here. So I had some time to put the finishing touches to the month-long improvements to my hi-fi.

Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

Oh what a joy :-) ... but I have a question. One of your friends commented that they 'smelled like p*** and biscuits' (or something to that effect). I follow the p*** part, but why 'biscuits' ?? ;-)

Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

By the way, those don't miss much, do then? I couldn't get away with anything ;-)

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

Rachel, after Fleetie's recent experiences, I think it would be very thoughtful of Speedy to make a dash through the Magic Closets and kiss him on the nose. I appreciate being consulted about the position of uncle, but I really think that is a decision for Mum and Dad and Speedy. You know I never like to be pushy or opinionated or anything like that. You know that, right? Rachel, I can hear you laughing...

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

Fleetie, if you would just charge for the commentary, I am sure you could recoup some of your monetary losses. The bunnies here at the sanctuary are wondering how you will ever be able to show your face again, but bunnies are hypersensitive about, well about just about everything. Next time they want you to ask them for help.

There is some puppet character who was on TV decades ago who looked like Solstice. Who?

Karenstoryteller said...

Face is completely different, but Shari Lewis' Lambchop used to twist up her face & nose in the same adorable ---- no, no, forgive me, Solstice --- Fearsome! way.

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

Rachel, I do think Fleetie passes the "with SOME intelligence" test.

Little Miss Titch said...

Hahaha I believe you're right,How ever Speedy has already awarded the position to Fleetie,I guess a bun know his own mind.
xx Rachel

Little Miss Titch said...

Me laugh?...hahaha you know me to well,as for that its not up to me that has always been up to Speedy and he does as he please when it come's to this sort of thing,xx Rachel