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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Where do you think you're going?!? Oh, you're heading out to the greenhouse?

- Thank you Patricia!


  1. What beautiful fur and lovely ears Speedy has!

    And lovely matching brown eyes!

    Speedy could be a bunny model, hopping along the BunWalk (BunWay in USA)*

    I think we should try not to make Speedy Disapprove!

    * In England, models walk along a "catwalk" showing clothes off, but in the USA it seems to be "runway".
    In England, we know that a runway is where aeroplanes (not airplanes!) take off and land! :-)

  2. Such a professional looking guard bun! Did Speedy receive special schooling or is he naturally authoritative?

  3. Finally I do something right .... ?

  4. Bunneh experts: Is Speedy the same kind of bunny as Koucha (who was featured here a while ago)?

    The ear-shape and the paler patch at the back of the neck, just behind the head, make me think maybe so.

    I'm not sure of the name for this kind of bunneh (if they are the same).

    Very attractive bun-buns, both of them!

  5. Oh, and the cute nearly-white-fur-lined nosie/mouf!

  6. Oh, I could just eat Speedy with a spoon! This is one example of bun perfection, That gorgeous fur, wow!

  7. Now, that is what I would call "a human with a brain cell." If only it would divide. Oh, It's probably just muscle memory, thinking on one's feet. Fleetie, thank you for your contribution to Trans-Atlantic rapport. Now go check your tires, tires, I say!

  8. Oh. A Netherland's Dwarf. Tiny Bun. Giant Disapproval.

    1. Brandi! Glad to see you're back, and I'm sure we all hope everything's been okay with you. You showed up just in time to help us convince Speedy that we have only honorable intentions.

    2. Thanks for the bunny breed info, Brandi! Being bunny-less, I am but a stoopid hoomin who knows nothing of the different kinds of bunneh, apart from Rexies and Dutchies!

  9. Speedy has that look in his eye that says's you did have my permission to leave,xx Rachel