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Sunday, February 23, 2014


You're speechless, I know.
How about snapping out of it and fetching some greens in a spappeh manner?
And I'm ready for that head rub too...

- Thank you Rabbit's Guy!


  1. This fluffeh handsome Disapprover is waiting for the hoomin to sort its life out and bring some quality noms!

    And yes, it would be a fitting sign of respect for the hoomin to provide complimentary head-rubs! Maybe then, Chico could relax the Disapproval a little!

    So hop to it, hoomins!

  2. oh, I know this little guy too - Mr. Chico.
    RG blog is my other favourite everyday blog to visit. Gives me nice warm feeling to see how bunnies have such good lives in HoR.

  3. To celebrate his fame, Chico got an extra treat and TWO head rubs this morning! He does like those. (Zoey is NOT happy!)

  4. Hahaha I'll bet Zoey is not Happy!I bet she's muttering that chould have been me up there not Chico,I give better disapproval than him...THUMP!!!!
    Trouble is would she be happy going up there after Chico? Hmmm probably not ,xx Rachel

  5. Oh dear, Fleetie, if Chico has too wait for hoomins to sort themselves out, he will be waiting for a good long time, at least several millenia. Best hoomins serve bunnydom first, sort later.

  6. Oh, such calm, yet determined, disapproval. Gotta love those lionheads!

  7. Furbeast: You're right! Being hoomins, we can't really concentrate on more than one thing at once. In fact, male hoomins can't even concentrate on more than about 0.6 things at once. And you know what 0.5 of that is.

    So yes, we should focus our efforts on serving bunnies well, and if by some chance, a bunneh grants us time to think about other things, then we may seek to better ourselves.