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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Tell me again the rate at which the Universe is expanding?

- Thank you Tracy!


  1. Uh, faster? The rate of expansion is increasing? It doesn't mean Kansas is ever going to be the biggest state. Why do you care? And anyway, where is your own electronic question answering device. Oh, I get it. You want to know if you are still in Kansas anymore.

  2. I have to say, I am confused by Kansas' question, and what might have motivated it.

    But I am a stoopid hoomin who could probably no more comprehend the answer than an ant could comprehend the fact that there are whole other stars and planets out in space.

  3. ... hm, the stuff bunnehs meditate upon when we're not looking. Kansas, were you star gazing again ;-) You know that your're brighter than all of them put together, right?

  4. Yup. Kansas's question is just another reminder of how out of touch we are ... sigh. (Why do they have to be so darn cute?)

  5. This is obviously one very wise bun. Although I don't have any smart things to share, such as the expansion rate of the universe, I would still like to ask the bun's advice on many important life matters.

  6. Perhaps Kansas was watching the debate last night. When Bill Nye spoke of the universe expanding, I'm sure she realized that there would finally be room enough to grow sufficient veggies for rabbits. We'd better all get to work digging & cultivating!

    1. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kansas-The-Bunny/110736675648022?ref=hl

  7. I guess this show how Stoopid we all are and how clever bunnies are!,xx Rachel