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Friday, February 28, 2014


Ooooh, I don't hate to tell you, your weekend's been cancelled.
Double shift tonight.

- Thank you Merle!


  1. TGI...... oh, drat. KP again. Ma'am, yes, ma'am, I'm getting back to work! Ma'am, did you want cilantro with your parsley, Ma'am?

  2. I learned (sort of (but that is my fault)) how to knit from a book written by Debbie Bliss. Is there any relationship?

  3. Ohhh! Debbie! I've just finished a full week of work. I disapprove of working weekends.

    Not gonna happen, sorry!

    (Puts asbestos anti-Disapproval suit on and retreats!)

  4. Same old..Same old. Thanks for nothing Debbie.

  5. It's OK--I never go anywhere anyway so I might as well serve a furry bun. Give my life some purpose, y'know.

  6. Whats a weekend among Buns....piffle I'm with Fleetie the week end is on well in my house anyway and that means play time with Speedy so any bun who wants a weekend you know where I am ,House Rules:1 rule play with Speedy
    xx Rachel

  7. Hmmm! I am having a very lazy weekend. Yet Debbie bunneh is making me feel guilty!

    Maybe I should pop out to the shops and make myself useful, and bring this beautiful bunny girl some treats!

    She is very beautiful; maybe if I please her, she will give me a bunny-kiss or a nose-nudge!