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Monday, February 10, 2014

Mr. Bun says ...

Can you taste it? Tuesday's just around the corner ;-)

- Thank you Mr. Bun!


  1. We are not being encouraged. We are being taunted. Everybody knows that, right?

  2. yes Jane you are right but it has a nice turn to it,xx Rachel

  3. Mr. Bun looks very distinguished, and wise.

    However, it was a bit harsh for me as a M*nd*y-hating hoomin to be told "It's nearly Tuesday" when it wasn't!

    Cheeky bunneh, Mr. Bun!

    We hoomins who have to go to work Disapprove Of Mondays!

  4. Uh oh, am I the only one seeing a resemblance to Alfred Hitchcock's silhouette in this image? I shudder to think of the terror one such as Mr. Bun would be capable of creating on the Big Screen.

  5. Fleetie, perhaps you should enjoy a parsley sprig to brighten your outlook.

  6. Rachel, at least there is one thing nice about today, and that is that it is your birthday. Was that really your birthday cake? I am still crying over the Christmas cake.

    On a more serious note, I had no idea the flooding was so bad in the UK. I don't know how I missed it, but I saw some pictures today that I could not believe. You all over there be okay! The bunnies here in Texas want you to know that they REALLY disapprove.

    1. No Jane if that was my cake I would have to make it as nobody else could and I draw the line at making my own birthday cake,flooding is not where we are but the trains are out leaving the west country so we only have roads for travel links,xx Racjel

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