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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bessie and Haasdas

Bessie, are you ready?
I was planted ready Haasdas!
Ok, in 3.... 2... 1...

- Thank you Riana!

PS: Pot grown, organic disapproval all the way from South Africa!!


  1. Don't gardeners separate their bunny bulbs before they get so jammed together? I mean, I am no gardener, but that is what I think I've heard. These are the kind of bunny bulbs I'd really like to see in full lush bloom with plenty of wiggle room for their little toesies, and it does seem that they are "ready."

  2. That is the latest gardening technique .. use every square inch of room .. maximize the disapproval per pot. There probably is a mathematical formula or explanation for it.

    I expect this to be coming soon at your local Costco. Probably in a 2-pot special!

  3. Grow your own disapproval at home. It's easy and it's fast! Just add water, hay, and treats, and watch the disapproval blossom before your eyes! This fertilizing perennial produces hardy, long lasting disapproval that you and your family will enjoy year 'round!

  4. Planting bunns in pots may seem like an ideal space-saver, but Bessie and Haasdas are determined to quash this notion before it spreads.

    Having dug out most of the organic soil and devoured the accessible greenery, they are ready to launch a rocket of double-disapproval on whichever unsuspecting hoomin next wanders by. The planned feature article on this approach will likely not be appearing in the next issue of Amateur Gardening after all.

  5. so cute together...
    This is an efficient gardening technique - self-fertilizing bunny plants

  6. I wanna buy a Pot-o'-Disapproval! Where do I go to buy one of these?

    They are adorable, DIsapproval or not!

  7. OOoooh coming to a supermarket near you soon!xx Rachel