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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Willie of "Willie and Fred"

You're late again, I can't believe it! Look, you made me drop my ear.
- Thank you Jennifer

P.S.: I should have mentioned that Willie and Fred both went on to binky with Queen Cinnamon.


  1. Yet again I have failed the bun lord. Maybe next time...

  2. Well Willie certainly was a sterling carrier of the Bunny Traditions during his time with us - difficult as it was.

    But look! THAT is - I think? - one of the last, key, missing pieces of the great Bunzetta-Carrot upon which was chewed the original decrees and rules and expectations of all Bunnies in about 8750 B.C. (Before Cinnamon) by the original Queen Cinn-A-Bon Bunn. FINALLY we will be able to fully able to understand Bunnies! (Take your pill RG - Maybe even go back to bed.)

  3. RG pull your self together your buns need you can't have you popping a cork now,xx Rachel

  4. No, no RG, keep it up. Whatever you did: double up on it ;-)

  5. Awesome comment, Rabbits Guy! You have knowledge of BunHistory!

  6. With ear dropping this cute, it's no wonder the hoomin comes home late!

  7. I hope that Fred and Willie are with Queen Cinnamon, with all of them binkying around and Approving Of everything!

    By the way, I suspect that Willie, in the photo above, is doing a *FACEPAW* because we have astonished him with our stoopidity... again.