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Thursday, January 30, 2014


Muffin is not amused. Nope, no sir!

- Thank you Patricia


  1. Don't try to fool us. Muffin is trying as hard as she can to not break out in laughter. Believe me, I know when a bunny is about to start laughing with great gusto.

  2. Yup .. you can see it all puffed up inside there ... just about to whoosh out!

  3. Watch out she's going to blow her top!xx Rachel

  4. I suspect that Muffin's mirth may arise from the fact that we have just got dressed in our brand-new clothes that we have just bought. Clothes that we have wanted for a very long time, and that cost a *THUMP!*load of money!

    We are very proud of our new clothes and we think we look very smart and very posh!

    Muffin has seen us, and thinks we look ridiculous, and is sniggering, and will in a few seconds not be able to hold it in any more, and will be rolling around laughing and *THUMP!*ing with mirth!

    "Ha ha ha ha ha ha! What DO you look like, hoomin?! Are you serious? Or is it for a dare? You're SERIOUS, aren't you??!! Haaaaaaa-ha-ha-ha-*THUMP!* "

  5. Now I'm wishing I hadn't worn my new sweater (or jumper, with a nod to Fleetie) today....I thought I looked spiffy, but now...

    At least Muffin noticed! Always glad to provide at least some entertainment value.

  6. Dear Fleetie and Kelly, yes, we have all (mostly) been there. However, we must never forget the ground breaking work of pioneer bunny linguist Noabunn Chompsky. His pioneering work on the seemingly unlimited ability of humans using human languages to generate a continuous stream of novel yet bunny belly laugh provoking sentences has really advanced the understanding of why bunnies roll on the ground. This work has also helped young bunns understand what they are up against if they really aspire to be great disapprovers. First you have to stop giggling.