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Thursday, January 23, 2014


Funny you should ask, I did take over!

- Thank you Brittany


animasophi said...

Do you think Koucha would let me give her bunny kisses? Prolly not.

Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

Let me guess, first order of business is double the bunn chores. Oh, and build an indoor grass and dandelion garden. With alfalfa and stuff.

Valsainte said...

Once again, hoomins have forgotten their servile status in Bun World. It's time to get our focus back on making it snappeh.

Captcha is "hammered."

Fleetie said...

It's Koucha Bunny! She is a beautiful girl, but a powerful disapprover.

Still, she is kind in some ways; I hear she lets her pet hoomin use her FaceBun, erm, Facebook account, and gets her hoomin up at 04:30 in the morning sometimes - just so that her hoomin won't forget to get up!

Somebun told me she has applied for planning permission to build a 5-storey extension to her Cottontail Cottage, with a luxury penthouse flat at the top, lifts (elevators), and water and Carrrotini on tap.

Since Koucha is the one who's in charge in the area where she lives, she has authority to Approve (Of) the planning application. So she has green-pawed the plans and work will begin this weekend. Her hoomin doesn't know this yet. Or that she has to pay for all of the materials.

Still, Koucha says it's good to keep bun's hoomin busy.

Kelly Moore said...

That is one powerful bun, commanding all my respect and humility....and yet, I just want to bury my nose in that gorgeous fur! I would meet with instant disapproval followed by termination, but I think it's worth it.

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

Who asked? Why would anyone dare ask? Don't ask! EVER!

Karenstoryteller said...

No one knows why anyone would ever dare ask, as they're no longer here for us to ask them!

Kelly Moore said...

The scenario of asking:

"Hey, Koucha, just when did you become the boss of...."