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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mr. Bun Says...

Very funny, painted puppies.
And we're getting low on disapproval already. You know, I can keep up alllllll year long. And I need a carrotini with dandelion.

- Mr. Bun


  1. No questions about it. It is abunnnnndently clear!

  2. Mr. Bun disapproves of his vet’s taste in decor — not to mention that he disapproves of vets in the first place. All around it was a bad job — Mistakes Were Made. Sad, really… The bunns try to hard to educate us, but it never seems to go anywhere.

  3. Mister Bun, I share your Disapproval. Only with me, it's the fact that I've got to get up for work in like 4 hours. And it's M*nd*y again! :-(

  4. Does anyone remember the "odd bun out" theory from the Andromeda Strain? I think Mr. Bun holds the key to saving us or disapproving us hoomins to eternity!! THUMP!

  5. Cindy, embarrassingly, I don't get what you're referring to. I have "The Andromeda Strain" on DVD, but it has been some years since I last watched it, but I am a big fan of that genre of science fiction, and that film.

    Could you remind me about the aspect of the film you're referring to?

    I really do feel like a STOOPID hoomin now! I can happily re-watch it, but I'd also welcome the information!

    1. Hi Fleetie, the "odd man out" theory is that an unmarried man should carry out command decisions involving thermonuclear episodes. In the movie it was Dr. Hall. He had to get to the right level and turn the key to stop everything from blowing up. Seems silly these days, but this was a real theory proposed by the Rand Corp in the 1960's. I think Mr. Bun could do the job!

  6. I feel for Fleetie about that whole M*nd*ything :-( The best I could do to cope with it tonight was put some time working on a painting. Deep breath, we'll expect a full debrief on it tomorrow ;-) I'll be ok.

  7. Whatever happened to "zippity do da, zippity ay, my oh my what a wonderful do"?