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Saturday, January 25, 2014


Hey! Get up!  You said you'll start on my indoor garden today.

- Thank you Heather


  1. One side of me says this is horrid. The other says it is wonderful. I'm a Rabbit Guy.

  2. Awww.... he looks almost like my Sal! Who can resist such an adorable......no, FEROCIOUS glare! (must not give in to temptation to snorgle, still have the scars, but, hey, it was worth it!)

  3. At the very least you can grow him a Chia head!

  4. Stuart, you are the bunn who is going to get me going on my indoor bunny garden. I got some Malabar spinach seed and some heritage carrot seeds. Oh, I need to get some mint, too. The malabar is a climbing spinach. A friend grows it outside and it just reseeds and comes up again year after year. It just grows and grows. Stuart is such a sweetie. Mrs. Obama would be so proud to know the bunnies have gotten the message.