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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Attila the Bun

Something got into the nest, killed my mother and my brothers and sister.  I  was cold and grey when they found me and couldn’t even suck on a bottle. Hoomin had to squirt milk in my mouth with an eyedropper and rub my throat  until I swallowed.

I pulled through but they couldn’t turn me loose when I was old enough. I wasn’t afraid of people or dogs (I chased their dog around the house). And I liked it.  I ruled them for 12 years. And I made you think I approved, didn't I?

- Thank you Dorothy


  1. A precious, beautiful cotton tail. Good work on giving him a forever home.

  2. What an amazing story - the struggle to save the last little life from amongst the carnage blossoms into a long bunny lifetime together. Thank you for what you did. He didn't really make you think he approved, did he?

  3. What a beautiful story! Gee, there seems to be dust in the air, making my eyes tear up.....

  4. Awesome Bun,his character reminds me of my first bun he would chase cats and dogs too!xx Rachel

  5. This is Lassie-level poignant. What a lovely bun story.

  6. For a wild (originally) cottontail to live for 12 years must some kind of incredible record. WOW!

    Attila The Bun was a very lucky bun to have been found by such amazing hoomins. I approve!

    He looks like he was a real character!

  7. But now I am going to post something that I *DISAPPROVE* of.

    Some of you may well know of Penny and Sheldon bunnies on Facebook.

    Sadly, Sheldon bunny (the fine ginger bunny boy with the AMAZING ears) has been taken at the age of only (a gfew days less than) 1 year. So tragic.


    I am horrified; tears all over the place.

    I can't imagine how devastated Penny and their hoomins must be. He was such a fine rabbit.

  8. Clever cottontail! Our eastern cottontails in the wild have an average lifespan of 3 years, and when keeping hoomins in captivity, perhaps 8 years. Well played, Attila, well played.

    I would give you a big hug if I could, Fleetie, and Sheldon Bunny's family, especially. Poor little bun.

  9. I am so sorry, Fleetie. Be comforted. You are a force for good. Perhaps that can only be because you love.

  10. What a twisted day. I start the day with Attila and 5 minutes later read about Sheldon :-( Makes no sense. Really heart bugling.