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Friday, January 17, 2014


See, there was just me and now there's two of us. No, you didn't have one too many last night, there's two of us.

- Thank you Melody


  1. The punchline, "it was dark, I was drunk" comes to mind...what manner of speechlessly beautiful bun is this? Such a sweet nose under that luxuriant fur!

  2. Kelly, looks like there's more than a bit of lions head in HRH Anya. DB, our dashing gent with the incredible mutton chops, is a lions head, and full of wonderful 'tude.

    Melody had best watch out that the fur does not gather together & re-animate with a mighty THUMP! Looks like Anya's disapproval is strong enough to work such a miracle!

  3. This is a lovely bunn. I feel reassured, comforted. I am not saying Anya is a complete washout, but personally, I find this polite, responsible behaviour. I am assuming lots of recessive genes.

  4. The reanimation of that gorgeous fur would be worthy of a Cecil B. DeMille movie effect, no doubt!

    I looked up the lionhead breed, thanks, Karen! But the propaganda..."inquisitive, outgoing, friendly, amiable, docile"...how many unsuspecting hoomins will succumb to their regal charms and ultimate disapproval, with nary a clue? What a way to go, though!

  5. Dear Auntie Jane, I must warn you, you have fallen for one of Lionheads' most clever ploys - they cloak their disapproval beneath a facade of Utmost Propriety, which, of course, makes it all the more dangerous (think Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey).

    And yes, Kelly, it is a wondrous way to go. And now, I must hurriedly don my white gloves to set table for DB's dinner - one must NOT be late with a Lionhead dinner!

  6. With that much cute, we could stand three of them!

  7. Karenstoryteller raises a horrifying thought--a bun golem! As if the living rabbits don't disapprove enough!