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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mr. Bun - Off To See The Vet

Pink carrier? I'll get you for this.


  1. On top of it all, polka dots. Polka dots!! Mr. Bun clearly considers all of these to be very, very unfortunate choices, for which someone will pay dearly. I foresee a week of bunny butts, *THUMPS," and foot-flicks. Ideas have consequences.

    Hope Mr. Bun is okay, though...

  2. Oh, don't worry. Everything will be okay as soon as people in the waiting room start saying what a cute little bunny wunny she is.

  3. Oops, I didn't mean to say not to worry about Mr. B. I do hope he is fine and his trip is just a check up that the Vet does gratis because he is so cute. The don't worry was for the carrier.

  4. Horrific color, yes. But Mr Bun's obviously man enough to carry it off!

  5. I like it. I just think Mr. B is entitled to the carrier that he feels best sets off his disapproval.

  6. Good luck at the vet, Mister Bun! You look very distinguished! You're clearly a very intelligent and handsome bunny!

    And make sure your hoomins keep giving you lots of treats!