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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hoppy New Year Everybun, Salvadore

Are you ok? How's your head? Oh dear!
Did you forget about my raspberrini last night? You don't remember?
Let me try that gong again, it'll refresh your memory.

- Thank you Karen


  1. Make mine a carrot rum cocktail!xxSpeedy

  2. Happy New Year Everyone! Here's to a year chocked full of disapproval!


  3. Anything but the gong ................

  4. Oh, dear, now that he's the star of stage, screen & Disapprovingbun, there'll be no living with Sal! - who actually is a sweetheart of a guy who gives incredible bun kisses. He's a hospice bun who was supposed to be with us 2 weeks to 2 months.... and that was early May! Guess we've spoiled him so bad he just doesn't want to leave. Speaking of which, someone's calling for "the hair of the bun" and reaching for the gong mallet - gotta run!

  5. I suspect having control of the gong and therefore the hoomin has given Sal a new lease on life. Bless both your hearts!

    With a nod to Alfred, Lord Bunnyson...

    Ring out the old, ring in the new,
    Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
    The year is going, let him go;
    Ring out the false, ring in the true.

  6. You keep hold of this wonderful rabbit for a very long time! Hoomins need the discipline and order (and Disapproval) that rabbits bring!

    Salvadore says "The only good hoomin is a Disapproved-Of hoomin!"!

  7. Absolutely, Fleetie! We're grateful for each day we have with Salvadore 'til he journeys 'cross the Bridge. We've been bun slaves for 15 or so years, and know this guy's a treasure. We bask in the fierce glow of his Disapproval - plus our 3 others, who, I am sure, will be pestering for a chance at stardom. Sal gave them all gong mallets for Christmas, so things could get interesting. The Gong Show had nothing on these guys!

  8. KarenStoryTeller : I Approve!

    What illness is he suffering from?

    I can tell already that you'll cherish every day with him, and give him lots of love.

    Bunnehs are special furry friends!

  9. P.S.: Please do send in some Disapprovals from your other 3 buns! We'd love to see them! (Even though we are puny hoomins that wither in Rabbit Disapproval!)

  10. It's a mass in his tummy, Fleetie. Legs more & more affected, so we're having to hold him up more & more to eat & drink. But, he remains cheerful & loving - lesson for us all, eh? And yes, bunnehs are the special-est of all furry friends!