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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Fred of "Willie and Fred"

Watch this...

... first I make him think that I'll let him..

... and then SPROING!

- Thank you Jennifer


  1. That's a bun that's going to run for it! I recognize the look from Border Collie vs. Vet with Bordatella spray...I haven't had kennel cough in years....

    Check out some great shots of Champis at http://www.gardsbacken.blogspot.com/2014/01/champis-walk-of-fame.html
    Is that dispproval in the last picture....?

  2. I have occasionally been miffed, had a thought or two...sheer fantasy really...about what I might do, but that which this little bunn is planning...well, we might all manage to keep our NYR at least for our remaining time on Earth. Errrrrm, make that "for Earth's remaining time in this solar system." We will soon have our answer. Fire or ice are out of the running...forget about whimpers or bangs...it is just going to be one big bunny disapproval for us. Bye you all! (waves hands enthusiastically)

  3. Oh yes - the old "sedate the wicked bunny" trick. Not going to work ... Fred will bite through that syringe and blow the dope right back in somebody's face ... (Seriously - I hope Fred is fine - bunnies and syringes are never a good sign here.)

  4. you should have seen Speedy when we had to give him antibiotics after his eye surgery now that was a fight,xx Rachel

  5. This is actually the first frame in a very short video. It is also the last frame in which we will be seeing Fred. Fred's hoomin has not noticed the Severe Disapproval on Fred's face or the placement of his front paws in the traditional "I'm outta here!" position. The remaining frames show a blur exiting left.

  6. Poor Fred does NOT look like a happy Bunneh!

    Get well soon, Fred bunny! And then you can GET EVEN WITH THE HOOMIN!

    All the best! x