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Friday, January 31, 2014


Not funny. But then again it's you isn't it? I don't see any treats you smart@#$!

- Thank you Pamela!


  1. How clever of Hazel to choose carpet that matches her fur colors, the better to hide...

  2. "Your hoomins have no sense of fashion....... no, no that wasn't a question" (Hazel's favorite quote from "The Rabbit Wears Prada")

  3. Oh dear Hazel I'm sure I have some treats here somewhere*searches pockets*,xx Rachel

  4. Is Hazel a Rex rabbit? She is very attractive, anyway! I will try to remember not to do anything she would Disapprove Of. It's best not to annoy a bunneh - and especially not if the bunneh is a Rex! But whether or not she is a Rex:

    Thank-you for Disapproving Of us, Hazel! We are only hoomins, so please believe us when we tell you we can't help being stoopid!