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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Bunday Evening Thumps

Good Evening, Everybun!

And there you have it. That's Florida for ya today. And yesterday, and most likely tomorrow. So, what's a bun to do on a day like this? Hang out with his girlfriend, or his hoomin.

The dinner saaaaaalad arrived early today, full of mint, and basil, and fennel with raspberries on the side.

The meet-and-greet yesterday went very well, but the one today got canceled. Well, there will be another one. In the meantime, we'll go back to loafing about and enjoying what's left of this bunderful, lazy, Bunday. Maybe we'll have something to thump about next time ;-)

We'll keep you posted,

- Gus

Infrared satellite imagery. The gulf waters are already pretty warm and show in deep reds. 
The tall storm clouds stay pretty cool and show up as blues. 
Here's the source: https://aviationweather.gov/satellite/plot?region=tpa&type=ircol&date=


RG said...

Looks like a lot of rain clouds. Helps the lettuce grow!!!

Mister Bun said...

... it watered all the things, lol!