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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Espresso and Latte Update

Greetings, Every Bun!

We have figured out where the hoomins are trying to hide our pellets. They have figured out when we have had it with waiting for them and are about to serve ourselves. So at the first sign of scratching and nibbling, they spring into action, and we're getting something. Head rubs, scratches, pellets or a salad. The hoomins were so easy to train, it's ridiculous.

Oh, Latte feels safe enough these days to use one the hoomins for a lounging pillow. Who would have thought?

We'll keep you posted.

- Espresso.


Anonymous said...

Training your human, for Fun and Profit :) You go, Espresso and Latte . ken&kaci

Little Miss Titch said...

Your Hoomins have had the best training from Mr Bun your Predecessor ,xx Rachel