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Thursday, June 23, 2016


 Come on, say something already. Did you see anything last night?

- Thank you, Ken and Kaci!

PS: A Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue bunny, Spirit enjoys his bun wife Bubbles and the good life to be had in the Desert Warren.


Anonymous said...

Spirit is a very calm and thoughtful fellow. He is happy to watch the craziness of everyday life from the sidelines, with wife bun Bubbles. To Spirit ! Ken & Kaci

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

He is so beautiful. I have to ask, being a lol (Little Old Lady), but is Bubbles a stone bunny? Is this Bubbles in the photo?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for asking Auntie Jane. The statue does not have a name, yet. And soon Bubbles will be famous too : )

RG said...

Frankly, that is a loaded question. Waffle Stoney.

sallyneary said...

Oh, I thought Bubbles was real! I hope Spirit finds a real bun wife.