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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Anna (L) and Elsa

“Elsa? Do you think da hoomin might try to steal our saaalad?”

“No, Anna. I think dis hoomin knows its place. Just keep filling your booplesnoot!”
- Thank you, Fleetie!


Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

So few humans know their place. On the bright side, something seems to happen to the ones who try to steal bunny salaaad. It is constitutes that rare instance of the bunny making it Snappeh.

Anonymous said...

So, these 2 bunnies burst into song often ? Just put some music behind " Try to steal our saaalad " and who could forget " dis hoomin knows its place " : )
Ken & Kaci

RG said...

"HEY! Anna (L) and Elsa! Look over there! Quick! Isn't that a tray of Rasberrinis!!!" .... darn - didn't work. No salad for me. Oh well - it never worked on my big sister either. I should learn.

Anonymous said...

Darlings, you have nothing to worry about; you are being cared for by an obedient and generous hoomin who loves his bunny masters :)=
Sorry, RG, but I just do not know what would cause a bunny to be distracted enough to look away from a tasty salaaad!
-Jen (Kohl's mom)

Fleetie said...

These two pretty girls have beautiful blue eyes!

They're waiting to find a forever home at the rabbit shelter I help out at.

Good luck, Anna and Elsa!


sallyneary said...

Booplesnoot! Oh, you Brits and your colorful words. This is a lovely photo, Fleetie.