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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Mr. Bun Update

Greetings Everybunny!

I finished my meds this week. Hoomin will be having a call with the vet in the next day or so. It's hard to tell if the meds did any good. I have some clear discharge and from time to time I have a sneezing fit as well. Sigh... But we enjoy what we have, like staying clean and dry. Of course there's headrubs, nose nudgies and lots of greens. Snackies and pellets from time to time. And hoomin trying to not bug me with devices in my gab. He tried to put his phone to work for the pixes.

We'll keep you posted :-)

- Mr. Bun


Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

Mr. Bun, You look so good. Just keep plugging away, Little One. I wanted you to be the first to know that if I get a good a good health report tomorrow, I will at last feel it is time to commit to some bunny friends in my home. I hope we both get good news from our "vets." I think it will be Sunkissed and Clyde. I've gotten to know them helping out at HRRN Austin's adoption days at Petco. They let all the foster groups in Austin hold these events. Mr. Bun, these two bunnies are not a bonded pair, but they are very, very sweet and laid back. I don't think they are going to be big stars here on Disapproving Bun. That'll be okay, won't it?

Mister Bun said...

How about that! <3 Of course they'll be big start here :-) We're crossing our paws - best of luck at the 'vet' ;-) !!

Anonymous said...

Yay, Mr. Bun! So glad you are feeling better and receiving such fine care from your attentive hoomin :)=
Be well, AJ; hope you get a clean bill of health :) There are many bunnies awaiting your sevices!
-Jen (Kohl's mom)

Anonymous said...

You Sir, are one good looking bunny : ) Ken & Kaci

Little Miss Titch said...

Jane OMB good luck dearest,xx