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Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I decided. I need an indoor garden. And I'm so glad to see you love my idea, carrotinis for all!

- Thank you Sissy!


  1. House rabbit - House garden - House drink - House slave .... probably even have tar pits in the basement.

    (How times have changed - my mother was famous for saying "Go outside and play." Trouble was, my big sister was out there and she just would beat me up.)

  2. RG, that is so sad. Anyway, we have to console ourselves because this episode of DR didn't involve fancy tools or the need for instruction. I think Tweety has this all covered. I know of a number of bunns who having been reclaiming their homes for years. It is the sort of thing we forward looking ecological types just love. You may be right about the possibility of a completely new conception in how we live. Think of liberation from fossil fuels. Gosh, I wish Tweety the best, and I applaud a compliant bunny servitor. Oh, and RG, it is important for us to remember that the vast, vast majority of us eventually come to deeply regret having hurt others, but time, distance, loss of contact make it impossible to tell them. A day in the Tar Pits just wouldn't be the same without my regular prayer that all that I have harmed will be healed, that somehow those I have treated badly must know how deeply sorry I am now.

  3. That assertive paw set firmly forward - Tweety is serious about renovations! RG, I bet your sister wouldn't mess with you now since you have no doubt acquired hardcore skills in Bun-Fu, and you have an army of furry warriors to back you up! The Cute Attack alone would completely soften the heart of any potential foe.
    -Jen (Kohl's mom)

  4. Oh goodness, what a cute bunnabunnbunn....

  5. You know that sounds a little bit like the ever ominous - dummdadumdumm. It just springs to mind as background music for Tweety.

  6. How nice of Tweety to think of a solution that will make salad prep much easier for the human.