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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Mr. Bun update ...

We got rained out again. We'll have to try this elephant grass yet another day.  So settled for treat served off a strange thing, serving as treat server. The Oxbow Timothy Hay Treats didn't complain. And they went down most agreeably.

But that's the worst news we have. My "junction" haired over very well and now we're trying to take care of one stubborn, irritated spot on the tail. Baytril seems to be helping and I'm sneezing a lot less. I've properly de-constructed my bundo and my hoomin needs to look for a new box.

 Easy day is great day and I'm enjoying each and every one. We'll keep you posted.

Mr. Bun


  1. What beautiful photographs. Mr. Bun really does look good.

  2. We agree, those are very good photos of Mr Bun : ) Ken & Kaci

  3. Be good to probably just keep a box supply down by the tar pits, ready when needed.

  4. A good thing that he keeps so busy with destruction so he doesn't have to dwell on his itchy spots.

  5. You look adorably cheeky as ever Mr Bun,xx Speedy