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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Number 1

Iz #1! No really. Iz named #1. Meez no happy. Meez just lozt meez front teethz. Mr. VET was rough.

 - Thank you Angela!


  1. We are sorry, Sweetheart. We are going to make that ol' Mr. Vet pay.

  2. Number 1, say, who's your vet? Don't say Dr. Evil ;-)

  3. Did ya bite that V.E.T. first a good one? I have a wisdom tooth to be pulled - any suggestions?

  4. RG, I should not be doing this, but your cry for help was so plaintive. There is a very, very naughty (raunchy) joke about going to the dentist. All I can say here is that the punch line is, "We are not going to hurt each other, are we, Doctor." I miss Brandi so much. She should be doing this kind of stuff for us.

  5. What, no laughing gas? Don't worry Number1, my kitties always feel WAY better after getting rotten teeth out. They also enjoy the pain drugs.

  6. I know the joke. Unfortunately, so does my dentist. But I forgot the Drugs! I will be FINE!!!!!!!

    1. I know how you feel RG ,I had 2 out a few years ago,not nice,Feel better Number 1,xx Rachel