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Monday, April 13, 2015

Mr. Bun update

 It's been a quiet week in Lake Bunny-Don't-Be-Gone. We're maintaining and keeping an eye on the good leg. Occasional butt baf is the extent of our excitement. Now I'm almost accustomed to it and when I get the wash my little heart does not try to jump out of my tiny chest.

I started grinding me teeth, a lot. Which gets the hoomin worried. So he calls the vet, vet is out, the staff manages to reach her, he gets a call back. All this is happening on Satruday and since it's a half-day for the vet, my hoomin goes by later and picks up Metacam for me. They left it in a box, outside the door for after hours pick up.

These past 2 days I didn't have much appetite either, thus I smell a trip to the vet once again. Maybe I'm just getting really old. Sigh...

He found out Marshmallow didn't make it through the weekend on late Sunday night. There's been a lot of quality, hanging out time.

He snapped the pixes then, after pestering me with Metacam for the night. As a rule, I says I'm not gonna take it - no matter what it is, just to make my point, you know. But, he insisted.

- Mr. Bun


  1. that's sad news about Marshmallow,now please start nomming little one,xx Rachel

  2. We are so sad to hear the news of Marshmallow's passing. May the remembrance of your kindness and love help you through this time of grief. You gave a bunny a chance. May the heavens rain blessings on you and yours.

  3. Most of the time, being a bunny slave is OK. Sometimes it is really hard. Take care every one and every bunn ...

  4. Thoughts and prayers and comfort to the hearts of Marshmallow's hoomins. Be strong, Mr. Bun, and make sure to have some probiotics to boost your immune system.
    -Jen (Kohl's mom)

  5. My cats didn't notice when I put Metacam in food. Do you have anything mushy to mix it with?

  6. Mr. Bun, these are beautiful pictures of you. Surely you are just a little nipper? Please eat and don't be afraid.