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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mimi and Hershey

That's OK darling, you just hurry up and bring those carrotinis and banana bunn runners, and Hershey won't get upset. You don't want Hershey to get upset, do you?

- Thank you Laura!


  1. Mimi, does Hershey go all Incredible Hulking Bun, turn green and sprout giant bulging muscles when upset? *shudder* Hurry, Laura! Hurry!
    -Jen (Kohl's mom)

  2. Before I make any snap judgements here, which one is Hershey? They have really expanded their product line, and well, I just want to know. It's not like you said, "you don't want to get Snickers upset" or anything like that.

    1. True. Those kisses with the white and dark chocolate swirls and the almond inside are nice.

  3. Good bunny, Bad bunny!

    (Does anyone have a bunny named Snickers?)

  4. Of course I don't want Hershey to get upset! His ears appear to be prepared for takeoff, and who knows what a flying bun can do!

  5. Mimi is white. Hershey is black.

  6. Thank you, Laura. This changes everything. Hershey looks like a pushover, but Mimi, well, I would never want to upset any bunny, but Mimi has the "no margin for error" look about her. Thank you for sharing your beautiful bunns with us, and thanks for giving them a wonderful home.