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Saturday, January 27, 2024

Espresso, Charlie, and Gus Update

Gus, "Hellos, there! Yes, very hoppy to see you."
Charlie, "So, it's nineteen seventy what exactly!?"
Espresso, "Go ahead - call me a sneezer again."

Hellos, Everybunny!

I think we're done with all the "musts" for the week. Well, my hoomin is done with that - I don't have to "must" anything. Maybe thump, make pellets, and such, but those points of light brighten and right what sometimes is an upside-down gloomy week. 

It's going to be all art and such stuff for the rest of the weekend. The sorry sod will probably try to immortalize my mouf again. But that's OK - as long as "The Bribe Is Right!" Shouldn't that be a TV show or something?

Of course, the good news is we're doing well. Even Spressy the Sneezer is holding up all right! He'll act up one day, get nebulized, and he's back to doing well. Go figure - 'cause we can't.

We'll keep you posted!
- Gus

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