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Saturday, October 28, 2023

Espresso, Charlie, and Gus Update

Gus, "Yam, yam! Spicy hay so spicy it glows!"
Espresso, "The Bun Days of Halloween."
Charlie, "It doesn't matter - I wear it better anyway!"
'Spresso, "My set up at the V. E. T. spa."
Charlie and Gus at Buntie Susan's
Charlie and Gus at Buntie Susan's

Hellos, Everybunny!

We're enjoying our vacations. I have the whole room to myself at the V. E. T. spa, and my hoomin even gave me my St. Nick's present early - a brand new loafer! I hear Charlie and that little fart, Gussy, are all settled in at Buntie Susan's, eating and pooping up a storm.

Of course, the problem with being away on vacation is being away. But our house was overdue for the project for far too long.

In other news, my hoomin had his big consult on Friday. The word is that there won't be any "New Normal" to settle into. "Normal" died sometime in January, and the only thing left from now on will be the "New."

The doctor confirmed what we were girding up for - Polycythemia Vera diagnosis. We know the treatment options, nothing drastic is needed, and life will go on. The progression of this thing is very slow, and there's a very good chance the advance can be stopped. The most horrible thing at the moment is accepting that, yes, this is happening. It hurts to contemplate the possibility that one of the treatments would put an end to flying. Talk about trying to never panic early.

To recap and "connect the dots," this started in June when my hoomin felt unwell and ended up in the hospital with a blood clot. After a deep dive, all the way to the bone marrow, to find the root cause of that clot, we got the PV diagnosis.

And what does all this mean for me? More headrubs, being doted on to no end, and everything else I want.

We'll keep you posted!
- Espresso

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry the hoomin got the diagnosis, even though it was expected. Hope that the flying will be able to continue.