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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Bunday Evening Thumps - Halloween Edition


Gus, "Oh really !? The willow leaves grew out of that shrunken hay head?"

Espresso, "The head wasn't crunchy! And you're late again."

Everybunny got the Skull of Sarx for a breakfast snack ;-)

Skull of Sarx, kudzu and willow leaves.


Good evening, Everybun!

Ghosts can be sneaky, whimsical puffs of time. And you never know what will conjure them up. You take a sip of coffee, and it becomes an incantation. "Boo!" For a split second, you are in a different time, almost in a different body.

For a split second, you are back in art school, waiting for the class to start thirty-five years ago. Then, the moment fades away.

A couple of weeks ago, my hoomin went to the coworking office in an old fire station in downtown St. Pete. During a pause of ghostly clarity, Pesto was giggling there, amused at how funny life can be. That fire station and Pesto make up one of the beginnings of my hoomin.

The very first project my hoomin did that went to print was the 1988 Annual Report for the St. Petersburg Fire Department. My hoomin did a pen and ink illustration featuring the station's facade – brick by brick by brick.

And there he was, standing among these same bricks, looking out the window in disbelief at that kid working on the illustration. Of course, Pesto would laugh at how the winding road came full circle. If you told that kid that he would spend a day in that station putting together a project design of such scale and complexity, he would never believe it. He would have liked to believe it, but he wouldn't. Pesto would laugh with the kind of laughter that only three Purple Hearts can give you.

Good night, and good luck!

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Anonymous said...

Love the hoomin's writing! Always interesting.