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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Espresso, Charlie, and Gus Update

Espresso, "You know, I'm not sharing!"
"Nope, no sir! Won't share."
A little concept sketch in charcoal, in prep for a painting.
Happened a few years back and was inspired by a photo of Mr. Bun.

Greetings, Everybunny!

In some random scene, the hoomin sits down next to Espresso on a bench in a park on a cold, freezing night. Espresso pulls tighter his black trench coat. We can see the steam coming out of his nose.

"I thought you were going to stand me up, Mr. Hoomin. Why the long face? Did you learn something new again? You know, that can be very bad for you."

"Why won't you get straight with me?" hisses the hoomin and Espresso winces. "I saw you loafing with those two again! What're their names, Charlie and Gus. Through the barrier, but still."

"Agent Hoomin, you have to keep your hoomins close, but keep your buns closer."

As he gets up, Espresso takes out a brown envelope hidden in his coat and discreetly leaves it on the bench. He slowly hops away into the night and says, "I have a feeling I'll freeze my whiskers again, Mr. Hoomin."

We'll keep you posted,
- Espresso

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RG said...

The ploy thickens ????? Good? Bad? .... (note to self, buy more popcorn.)