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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Bunday Evening Thumps

You know that one day the dark and story night will come.
On a Bunday, and there will be Thumps in the Evening.

Good Evening, Everybun!

The second meet-and-greet was a wash. The rescue got bumped from their slat by some Chihuahua. Thump!

But if you thought the two-timing biped made the supper salaaaad on time, you would be wrong. First, he read all day, then cleaned up all bunstruction Espresso did and disappeared. Family something, something, whatever. Thump.

Well, at least we got homegrown cawwot tops and kale. So that was yammeh.

- Charlie

1 comment:

RG said...

Count your blessings. Nothing green poked up through the blanket of white yet here - maybe tomorrow.