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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Hoppy Thanksgivng, Everybunny!

Hoppy Thanksgiving, Everybunny!

We have commandeered the kitchen today and made hoomin toss us a proper feast. We'll have the full report for you over the weekend, of course.

And no matter how your days is going, remember one rule of paw: more headrubs! I know, we should have a conversion table showing the amount of snorgles and headrubs required as an antidote for certain situations. The moon landing was fake? At least five minutes of snurgling your furry or feathered loved one. Did you get to see your favorite hoomin in the whole wide world?  Extra nose bonks! You get the idea.

And thank you so much for sticking with us all this time.

- Charlie, Espresso, and Gus

1 comment:

RG said...

Back at ya all with a big thanks for the every-morning rash of disapproval and tips for getting in more trouble!!! And caring for the furry ones ...