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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Mr. Bun - Coming Home

Dear Bun, I miss you so much. Yesterday we brought your remains home, but it feels like you stopped eating just yesterday, and we only have hours left together. I still can't believe you're gone. I still keep looking at your old spot and want to serve you water and treats and get you settled in for the night. I miss the sound of you slurping water and the gurgles it made in your belleh. I still keep getting the sink ready in case you need a bum baf. I keep waking up at night to check on you in case you flipped over or went on one of your EBA's. I keep hearing the noises your bum leg made when it hit your bundo.

I try to imagine you on your journey to the Rainbow Bridge. You're free of cataracts; your leg is healthy, and you can be anywhere whenever you want to.

I hope you paused to hop around the moon a couple of times. Everybun says it's quite the sight. One of our hoomins called it the "magnificent desolation." Is he right?

What miracles can you see now? What really makes up the black holes? Do you get to play with photons? Can you see the x-rays coming from distant nebulas? Can you surf the gravitational waves? Do you like the sunrises and sunsets over the Ganges? So many questions and so little peace at heart.

Sometimes I imagine you are still with me, much larger, though, bigger than me in fact. You become a large, fuzzy and furry cocoon around me. You tower over me. I can hide inside you now, and I'm peeking through your semi-transparent form, looking out through your massive chest. You're surrounding me with your presence, always here, never leaving me and me never leaving you. I'm so glad you're willing to share yourself like that and comfort me.

I will never feel like I have done enough for you, or that I took good enough care of you. You have changed my life so much, I can never reciprocate that. Your presence and departure only deepened the mystery of what you did and how you did it.

- Your hoomin.


Little Miss Titch said...

*sniff....Sniff*This sorrow bring tears to our eyes,we send you much love,xx Speedy and Rachel

Fleetie said...

Mr. Bun knows his hoomins loved him very much.
He has to go now, on a celestial journey.
He misses his hoomins, but he knows that their wavefunctions will meet again.
When their wavefunctions meet again, there will be feeling. There will be love.

Mr. Bun will travel the universe. His field will envelop that of his hoomins.
He will be strong. He will have everything.
His field of consciousness and bunderstanding will encircle all mysterious and distant phenomena.
He will travel out to distant places, and he will see all.
His field will diffuse and expand.
But part of his field will remain close and dense and warm, around his hoomins, who loved him and cared for him so well.
He will forever embrace them and surround them.
He will perfuse his hoomins' space.
He will be strong.
He will have everything.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written. Someday when your heart has healed sufficiently you will realize that there's another bunny out there who needs you - and whom you need. Thus the cycle begins again. And Mr. Bun will not disapprove.

RG said...

So well reported. Such big holes they leave. Fond memories will bring smiles.

sallyneary said...

We all recognize this feeling--how bound we become to our senior pets as they grow infirm, how intimate that relationship is, and how we feel the loss all the more deeply even as part of us is greatly relieved to know our loved one is binky-free. Believe us when we tell you that you earned Mr. Bun's approval.

Wendy said...

I know this feeling and that emptiness. After my bun Jerry passed, I used to imagine he was very large and I could snuggle myself completely into his velvet fur. Mr. Bun's energies will be forever entwined with yours. He will visit you in your dreams, and you will see him in his younger and healthy form once again.

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful words and thoughts.
Those bunnies get into our hearts and they don't let go. Mr Bun was well taken care of and well loved. ken&kaci

Stephen said...

An eloquent and deserved eulogy.
Thank you for all your sharing. We had a bun, Millicent, who looked quite a bit like Mr. Bun, and she had cataracts and a bum leg toward the end of her life too. She lived over 11 years.
All the best and we wish you comfort and love.
Steve and Joanna (Beatrix's parents).