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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mr. Bun Update

Yam! ... this smells reallllly gooood, but....

What's the other smell?!? .... oh, it's you again.

- Mr. Bun

PS: My bumm stayed cleaned for days on end this week. Sore tail spot looks the best it did in a long time, it's almost all healed.

But, I got a different problem. Hoomin picked me up last night for the bl**dy 'tail check' and noticed I have another spot, rubbed raw to the point of some blood showing up on the would. How did it get there? Did I scrape it on the rubbery liner? Hopefully it's a 'friction' irritation. It was not there during Friday's check. I had a little soft clump stuck to my tail and got that awful bumm-baf, but all else seemed ok.

Short of it is, we're heading to the vet first thing in the morning on Monday. He washed it line night for me and put some neosporin on it. It still looked very raw this morning, so his all freaked out now. My appetite is excellent though and can't get enough of my salllllad. Treats too.

Hoomin come up to my bunndo and shakes the treat bag. I dart out like a superbun and can't contain myself. Sore spot or not. So hopefully I'm doing well enough till tomorrow.

Hoomin's first thought last night after he notice that spot? Grab a carrier, pack me in and run off to Blue Pearl in Tampa. But, it's a long ride and I hate it anyway so he decided to spare me the stress.

We'll keep you posted ;-)


Tracey said...

I follow your Facebook page and had no idea you lived nearby, Mr. Bun. (We live in Land O'Lakes) Thanks for the info. on Blue Pearl--I had no idea there was a 24 hour vet in Tampa. Hope your bum heals up and you have a better day today.

Little Miss Titch said...

Hope you Vet trip goes well Mr Bun,good to hear you are other wise doing well,xx Rachel and Speedy

RG said...

Let's all give Mr.Bun and keeper a sky full of good wishes!!!!

Fleetie said...

Oh, Mr. Bun! I am sending good wishes and Bun-Get-Well-Soon! vibes to you.
Good luck for your vet visit! I'm thinking of you! Be a strong bun! You need strength to order your loving hoomin servant to bring you the noms that you fancy, each meal-time!

~~~~~~ Mr. Bun ~~~~~~

<3 <3