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Monday, November 17, 2014


For some reason the sweater is not keeping out that dreadful draft. That draft sure feels like M*nd*y. Isn't it one of your bunn-chores to keep that M*nd*y draft out?

- Thank you Christine!

PS: Christine says "Pipkin does not approve of the recent cold and rainy Irish weather…. or her hoooman’s attempts to keep her naked post surgery shaved belly warm".


Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

Christine, Pipkin's sweater is beautiful. It looks as though some loving person hand knitted it. I love to knit, but I recently saw a chapter in a knitting book with the hilarious ( I thought ) title of "Knitting for Children Who Have Reached the Age of Reason." Sounds like your little one is growing up fast. Best wishes to you both!

Unknown said...

it was lovingly made by a dear friend. we thought it would be a good solution because pipkin loves to play outside in the evenings, but it's gone very cold here, and her belly is still mostly fur-less from where the vet shaved her when we had her spayed. she does actually like the sweater once she gets over the indignity of having to put it on to go out to play.

RG said...

Boy oh boy - one of those would sure help hold back my M*nd*Y! PS - Doing ANYTHING with children who have first reached the age of reason requires near sainthood - if you ask me!

sallyneary said...

Perhaps she would prefer an Aran sweater. Did you ask her, or just assume that this one would do?

My cats seem to like a tiny space heater. They sit right in front and bake.

Anonymous said...

What a beauty Pipkin is! Christine, you must be slacking off on your weather controlling duties; I believe that there is a 'local weather modification' clause in the fine print of the bunny ownership manual - read carefully! Although, the cold does allow opportunities to dress bunnies in cute sweaters :)
-Jen (Kohl's mom)