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Friday, November 21, 2014


 Hm..., I have to think about it. How many nutriberries did you say?

- Thank you Robin!


RG said...

Well Luna - I am not sure that I said - yet. Can you give me a hint of what might be - erm - acceptable?

(Does anyone else want to go first?)

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

Let's go ahead and give Luna all the whatever she wants. But, whatever is being planned needs to be stopped at the earliest opportunity. Is anyone really ready for a world where bunns are for hire?

sallyneary said...

She looks so sage, so shrewd, so disapproving. I stand in awe.

Anonymous said...

Luna, don't fall for it! No matter how many nutriberries are offered! Hoomins need to do their OWN laundry and not offer it to bunnies for chewing on...
-Jen (Kohl's mom)