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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Queen Chloe

Nope, your grovelling needs to be a little more grovelly.
Got any bribes? Bribes might work. ... but I have to think about it though.

- Thank you Jess!


  1. Does grovelling become more compelling with a proper prelude? "Oh, please, your Majesty. Please, just give me one more chance to grovel before you. I've grovelled all my life. Don't let that all be for nothing? Just give me one more chance. I just need one more chance. Then you will see some bunny-class grovelling. I tell you I know how to grovel, and you are so worthy. You would forgo that for, for bribes? It is just not possible.

  2. That disapproving paw looks like it could crush a Volkswagen.

  3. No, really, hoomin; please do continue. Your day sounds SO exciting.

    But first bring me five good stiff double-Carrotinis. [Maybe it'll be less tedious if I'm BUNebriated.]

    [Hoomin scuttles and lines 'em up for Chloe.]

    Now, do please feel free to drill into more detail about your trip to the supermarket. It's truly scintillating. [SLURPSLURPSLURPSLURPGIMMEMORESLURP]

  4. Shades of Cinnamon! This rabbit knows her way around some disapproval.

  5. Reminds me of Dougie Monroe, the guy we had to take our excuse to if we were absent from school ...

  6. And would you like a rum chaser with your Carrotinis too?