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Thursday, July 17, 2014


Good idea, I think I'll keep them. ... oh, you are so welcome.
... now, where's my raspberrini?

- Thank you Elisa!


Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

A bunny told some one they had had a good idea? Oh, the media these days! They just think we will believe anything, ANYTHING! The staff is still incredulous, but perhaps it happened...Leo is fussing about some drink not appearing...maybe Eliza swooned at being told her idea was good? Is she okay?

RG said...

Maybe Leo was misquoted ... or that is Bunn-Sarcasm?

sallyneary said...

It better be one heck of a raspberrini for this performance!

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

Either way, RG, I think we have to begin searching for Elisa.

Fleetie said...

Leo and I had the same idea!

Yesterday, I found that you can CUSTOMISE your Ray-Ban sunglasses to some extent by going to their website, choosing the options you want, and ordering through there!

Now I *love* nice sunglasses!

So I ordered me up a customised pair of black-framed green-mirror-lenses Aviator Ray-Bans!

I can't wait for them to arrive! I kid you not!

Now it looks like Leo here has had exactly the same idea!!! Only he got there before me, because he is a clever bunneh and I am but a stoopid hoomin!

Oh, and I am a Leo. (But not a Leo bunneh!)

I Approve Of Leo's fashion sense very much!

Fleetie said...

Leo is ready to act in his starring role in "Top Bun"!

"You were in a 4-G INVERTED Disapproval with a hoomin, at 50,000 feet?!"
"Yes, Ma'am!"
"And what were you doing there?!"
"We were... Communicating. Maverick's got a great Polaroid of it!"
"Yeah. Flipping the hoomin 'The Bun'!"
"Thank-you, Goose. I know what 'The Bun' is!"
"Oh, I'm sorry, Ma'am! I hate it when it does that!"