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Friday, June 6, 2014


I didn't say you can look up!

- Thank you Elisa!


  1. Ok looking down now just don't savage me please??????xx Rachel

  2. Well, Leo, I can assure you I am looking down. It is just that I do have this tablet thing in my lap. So take that, little beautiful and beautifully situated bunn!

  3. Tabletie Thingie! Tabletie Thingie! Nah-n-nah-naah! When did I sink to the level of teasing little bunns? What can it mean?

  4. Oh, I recognize that look. No good comes from that look! An offering of cranberries can usually prevent bloodshed though.
    XOXO Meaghan

  5. Dammit I looked up again! Me and my reflexes. Doh! I will assume the downward glance again and hope for mercy.