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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Smokey and the Bandit

Wait up! A stick?!?
Come'er, let me show you something ....

Thank you Ria!

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  1. Oh great :D (Y) thanks ;-)

  2. Correction: Follow Smokey and The Bandit on FBI's most wanted.

  3. Pay no attention folks. Just keep moving right along. Nothing to see here. .....

  4. I really wish I knew enough about plants to safely collect "sticks" for our bunnies. Hmmm, doesn't this bring up the old question of the carrot or the stick? Anyway, I hate to be the one bringing attention to this, but apparently crime does pay. Look at those digs. I hope Ria understands that while bunnies are often sought by crime fighting agencies, there is little success when things go to trial, something about cute little bunnies. As a result suspicion often falls on the human care taker. At the very least, laws about being an accessory can leave a human care taker in a heap of trouble.