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Saturday, May 4, 2024

Espresso, Charlie, and Gus Update

Spanish Needle Spring Mix - It's what's for dinner!

 Hellos, Everybun!

It's been a strange week in this burrow. My initial visit on M*nd*y at the Blue Pearl clinic went well. My hoomin opted to have the CT Scan done, and I had the scan on Thumpday or Wednesday if you like. And it's a good thing I did!

Here's what the V. E. T. wrote,

"(...) Initial view of the CT suggested Espresso has a rhinolith or small mineralization in his nose. This is most likely the cause of his sneezing. Recovered uneventfully and happily at 15 mL of herbivore care once awake. Rhinoliths are mineralization found in the nasal cavity. They can be secondary to foreign materials (grass, seed, paper, etc.) or mucous. Rhinoliths are a rare condition in cats and dogs and initial literature search for cases in rabbits seems sparse. Nasal flush, endoscopy, surgery (rhinotomy), or benign neglect may be potential treatment options. A more thorough literature search is required before making a final decision. (...)"

Today, my hoomin spoke with my regular V. E. T. and found out this would not have shown up on X-rays and she was glad we did the scan. 

I had a good stretch of a few days without sneezing, but now I'm back on the drops. And last night was on the rough side.

That's all the good news for now.

Also, on M*nd*y, we got a letter from our V. E. T. announcing she's retiring at the end of the month. Ever since, my hoomin has been sobbing himself into a puddle. Now I have a useless zombie on my paws. He's taking that bit of news awful hard - awful hard.

We'll keep you posted!
- Espresso

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Anonymous said...

Always rough when your vet retires.